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A CNN KFile review of the organization's websitewhich is archived on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, uncovers the organization supported controversial gay conversion therapywhich treats homosexuality as a mental illness that can be fixed. Using the Internet for Political Research: One of the early campaigns by the group was "16 or bust". The common good is a way of both living and governing as dictated by scripture: The Alliance for Traditional Marriage called homosexuality "unhealthy, abnormal behavior that should not be promoted or accepted in society. A full Mexican dinner is soon laid out in the community hall and church members start filling the seats, along with many others. On CNN, she was asked:

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Started init pushed to lower the age of consent for sex between gay men from 21 to 16, equal with heterosexual couples.

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Tulsi Gabbard ‘regrets’ past anti-gay activism as she prepares for presidential race

Just minutes earlier in the evening, Selmanovic — an immigrant from Croatia — described a promised land for progressive Christians who have been wandering in the wilderness. But in such polarized times, does he think conservatives who hear this message — however morally conflicted — will actually vote for a Democrat? Although Gabbard's positions on LGBT rights have shifted dramatically in more recent years she signed a amicus brief supporting Edith Windsor's challenge to the Defense of Marriage Actthe extent of Gabbard's past anti-gay activism has already drawn criticism from prominent Democrats and will likely be a major issue for her as she seeks the party's nomination. A full Mexican dinner is soon laid out in the community hall and church members start filling the seats, along with many others. This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat Listed among Gabbard's past work in the profile by the Honolulu newspaper was her work at The Alliance for Traditional Marriage. But at the last minute, a church across the street agrees to take them in.

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That reluctance to speak up has haunted the tour since it started. A new day is coming. And at each stop, local congressional candidates — mainly Democrats — are invited to give a short stump speech. Gabbard would win her race, becoming the youngest woman elected to the Hawaii state legislature. Howard Dean, the first governor in America to support civil unions and who sought the Democratic nomination in

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