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After Milk learned more about the facility, he decided to switch his vote, ensuring White's loss on the issue—a particularly poignant cause that White championed while campaigning. Although he was skilled at his job, co-workers sensed that Milk's heart was not in his work. By century 19th century 20th century 21st century. Retrieved March 31, What San Francisco is today, and what it is becoming, reflects both the energy and organization of the gay community and its developing effort toward integration in the political processes of the American city best known for innovation in life styles. Milk's continuing campaign, run from the storefront of Castro Camera, was a study in disorganization. In that letter he called Jones "a man of the highest character," and criticized outspoken Temple defectors for trying to "damage Rev.

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A well-organized group of conservative fundamentalist Christians responded, headed by singer Anita Bryant.

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He held no ill will toward Milk, however, and remained in contact with him. Milk's friends and aides tried to stop the destruction, but the mob of more than 3, ignored them and lit police cars on fire. James and a drag queen named "Wonder Whore".

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