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With that in mind, bigger guys tend to be a bit lazier when it comes to sex, while smaller guys are a lot more enthusiastic. Seriously, straight guys are missing out so much on mind-blowing orgasms because of the taboo aspect of playing with their ass. Really depends on who has it, and how they use it. My cock has never helped me win the lottery. Back to sex articles How big is the average dick?

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71 Gay Men On How They Handle The ‘Size Gap’ Between Them And Their Partner

Had never slept with anyone else and thought mine was tiny for years. My cock has never gotten me a job. Their sheer size hits the spot by happenstance, but no skill is involved. Measuring from underneath is not the correct way. Men are notoriously bad at reporting their own size. Other guys seem to enjoy the thought of a bottom with a big dick, though.

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The medically-correct method is to place a ruler firmly against the pubic bone on the top side of the erect penis and measure to the tip of the head. Sure, you can play with my butt and stuff, but the moment you stick something in, that is the moment you get something bitten off. Back to sex articles How big is the average dick? I generally present myself as androgynous or as a feminine male. Not all guys are Size Queens though. In Professor Alfred Kinsey published data from 3, self-measured men and found If you really want something to measure, measure pleasure.

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