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Lee is present at the dinner party that is held to welcome Susan back to the Lane. Lee is there when Susan tells her friends that she was kissed by a lesbian the previous night, she asks him about advice on dealing with her and he tells her that gays and lesbians do not "interact in the wild". Bob and Lee sell their home to Paul without realizing that Paul had lied and their home will in fact be the eighth home he acquires. He wrapped Scrubs at 6: Main Characters. Paul replies, "They absolutely will. She soon finds out Lee is allergic to the nuts she wasn't aware were in the store-bought confections.

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The Backlot.

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She is just brilliant. Gaby rescues Juanita from the car and Bob escaoes, he tries to help Lee out but can't because of the rioters, Lynette helps fend them off and pull Lee out yelling "Stop! Gaby comes over to Lee who is making Jenny practise her violin, she tells him that he shouldn't force his child to do anything, he tells her that Jenny told him that she wants to play violin so it's his duty to make sure she practises, he asks what Juanita is doing for the school talent and pints out that they have two parenting techniques and a talent show to prove who's right. October 3,

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She admits to this, and Andrew — to her surprise — is glad.

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