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There's no gear to haul, no boat to wait for. However it is wise to carry with you sufficient funds both in US dollars and in the local currency. Terms and Conditions. Having said that we are not going to try to sell you a trip to Indonesia in any known trouble spots such as Aceh either. Concerns about fresh food are usually completely unnecessary since guests enjoy delicious tropical meals throughout their trip, and may well leave the boat a few pounds heavier! In addition, if you're looking to expand your diving skills, you will also want to find boats that have instructors that can teach you specific skills, like nitrox diving.

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Price includes:

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Tipping is always subjective. You can tour volcanoes, trek into the highlands above San Jose, fly through jungle canopies on a lightning-fast zip line, or discover creatures in their natural rainforest habitat. There are also a limited number of liveaboard diving safari boats that do have single cabins.

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A liveaboard boat, say those who have dived from one, offers the perfect dive vacation.

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