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The orange on the seder plate. Marriage is being challenged: Ask Your Representative to Become a Cosponsor! Incumbent Nehr is one of three Republican candidates who has a refreshing independent streak in a polarized political climate. The Best Interests of the Child:

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Click Here to Advertise in the Wedding Guide. Indeed, the election of Rick Scott as Governor was the most eye-opening statewide result. Where is your "Voice"? Equality Florida Applauds Prop 8 Decision. Florida Senate approves repeal of gay and lesbian adoption ban. Mallory Wells makes Advocate's Forty under 40! Tom Coburn says whaaa?

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Florida Legislature to take up Indiana-style adoption bill. But pro-development votes and a reluctance to commit until a consensus has been built are a concern. Equality Florida to Rick Scott: Democratic nominee for Governor of Florida Marriage is being challenged: Court Affirms Adoption Ban Unconstitutional.