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Even though actors in All About Eve understand the public well enough to win its applause, they fail to truly relate to their audiences. I'm losing interest in this sub. Subsequent parenthetical references will be to this film. Before Stonewall, gay culture centered itself around Diva Worship - a phenomenon that could be explained in terms of the negative anima function. As Daniel Harris writes, Divas were "transformed into gay men, undergoing a strange sort of sex change operation from which they emerged as drag queens, as men in women's clothing, honorary butch homosexuals. Similar to Eve who wants to dethrone Margo, Manuela befriends Huma. As was mentioned earlier, Manuela's journey takes her to Barcelona.

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For all of Eve's malice, she is such a skillful illusion-maker that she herself can no longer differentiate between fantasy and reality.

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PHOTOS: Daughters of the Revolution's Charter Signing Luncheon

Discussing the dynamics of anima operation, Jung wrote that since the anima image is unconscious, projections play a prominent role in its functioning. It summarises what can be gleaned on the topic from the complete works. To make herself feel better, this ultimate Diva exercises her power and wants Eros to harm the object of her disaffection - Psyche. Obviously, since Jung commented so little on sexuality, its hard to really tell. Submit a new link. With this in mind, some Analyst believe that we have both an Anima and Animus as our 'other' for one time or the other in our lives. Then, Manuela transforms into a pragmatic and realistic Stella - a part, which is a startling contrast to Huma's fantasy-bound Blanche.

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Furthermore, I realized that if we considered some facets of the anima function and a "stereotypical homosexual" we would see that the adjectives used to describe the anima-energy - emotional, instinctual, touchy, sentimental, involved, spontaneous, and creative 1 - often characterize gay men. The Making of Gay SensibilityBoston: Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. At the end of the film she is no longer a self-destructive Blanche, but a reality-stricken Mother from Lorca's Blood Wedding. Since Diva Worship, by its very nature, is a product of emotional reactions directed to certain people, the projection dynamic must be a very important part of it. As we will see later, she is the mistress of exaggeration, artifice, and performance and, hence, has an incredibly hard time differentiating between Margo-The-Actress and Margo-The- Woman. The breadth and ambiguity of anima function confused me.

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