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Like snowflakes or strains of the common cold, no two snogs are ever the same. What are your thoughts on why this might be the case? Flirt Before Gay Kissing One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to lunge at your guy and starting kissing on him. Butterfly Kissing Put your eye really close to your partner's cheek and flutter your lashes upon their skin. It sends the wrong message and can kill the romantic vibe. Get your hands involved by placing them around his shoulders or behind his neck. How do you solo-cialise with panache and not look like the creepy guy in the corner?

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Done something stupid?

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Much will depend on his height and yours. You get used to it. Gay Kiss Poll Because the topic of gay kissing and make out sessions is of interest to so many men, we've included a poll below. If so, deepen the intensity of the kiss.

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French Kissing and Gay Men 5.

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