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Sounds like you're bisexual but leaning towards women. Best thing for you is to be a peace with it, and not let it dominate our thoughts. If you can justify it to yourself, and be truly comfortable with it, that's all that matters. I am attracted to women and think my girlfriend is the most awesome woman I've ever met. Three of the hottest jocks in high school suck and fuck after school and become great friends. I don't really care about the genitalia what I love and am extremely attracted to is femininity. I scrolled through the comments so far and I didn't see anyone mention what I have to say explicitly and I think it's important for you to know, it might help you put the experience in context.

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I had gained a lot of height and was fairly tall and lanky.

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I definitely think it led to some confusion in my life. Or with a cousin or something? Random Limo Fucked: I pulled out a tube of KY, coated my erect cock thoroughly and had Jason raise his legs so I could get to his ass.

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