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These sources demand careful use and the assumptions made laid bare. They just had to be on your side, and if not, you had to cajole and bribe them with gifts and sacrifices—the gods grew fond of and helped individuals, no matter what their conduct. Sacrifices and processions, frequently sponsored by the state, were the most common religious activities. He was also pious and superstitious—a citizen could be penalized for not honoring the gods of the city. The erotic culture and conventions surrounding it are essential to an understanding of the artistic and some of the philosophical output of early and classical Greece. It was a relationship between an older male and an adolescent youth. But unlike the Roman empire, the benefits of citizenship were restricted to the progeny of Athenian citizens, exacerbating further the psychological gap between the rulers and the ruled.

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Greek convention decried the passive partner in penetrative intercourse and we may assume that both partners took care that their private pleasures were not made public.

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Although Plato visualises relationships in lover-beloved terms his philosophy makes it clear that reciprocity was expected between the lovers. The goal of human striving, they believed, was understanding that led to personal virtue and political action. And Finally I'm always happy to hear comments and consider requests.

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It is not then a question of homosexuality coming from anywhere.

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