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Majorities of one. Among his early literary friends were Aaron Hill and Eustace Budgellwhom he helped in the production of The British Apolloa question-and-answer journal of the day. Last Updated: Gay had just been appointed secretary to the British ambassador to the court of Hanover through the influence of Jonathan Swift when the death of Anne, Queen of Great Britainthree months later put an end to all his hopes of official employment. Florida Historical Quarterly 93, no. It is in such delicate probing of the surface of social life that Gay excels. In rehab, looking back at this era, John contextualizes these struggles thusly:

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Lord Byron, British Romantic poet and satirist whose poetry and personality captured the imagination….

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In taking a mock-heroic form, Gay's poem was able to poke fun at the notion of complete reformation of street civility, while also proposing an idea of reform in terms of the attitude towards walking. The shock is said to have made him dangerously ill. State of defiance: The advocate for gay and lesbian rights founded the Elton John Aids Foundation in the early s.

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