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The resulting manuscript contained no chapter or paragraph breaks and was much more explicit than the version which would eventually be published. I will do anything. Many works of Beat writers contain such contents; Allen Ginsberg openly mentioned homosexuality in his poems, and William Burroughs in his autobiographical novel revealed his usage of the narcotics. Writers of French Bohemian culture also had similar behaviors; After the French Revolution the culture Romanticism enriched with the contribution of writers and artists. It received criticism for being printed in the age where homosexuality was considered immoral, and became a major scandal. Wiki CU. Connected with this idea of breath was the elimination of the periodsubstituting instead a long connecting dash.

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Kerouac broke a leg playing football during his freshman season, and during an abbreviated second year he argued constantly with coach Lou Littlewho kept him benched. Or do you look on it as such? Holmes, John Clellon.

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Visiting Jack around that time, John Clellon Holmes found him high on Benzedrine, typing and revising simultaneously.

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