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On being elected to the Papacy Julius raised the now year old but still uncouth and quasi-illiterate Innocenzo to the cardinalate, appointed him cardinal-nephew, and showering the boy with benefices - Abbot commendatario of the abbeys of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, S. Popes of the Catholic Church. At 47, he became Pope. For a complete list of references, click here. Later, the reformers elected the wealthy Duke of Savoy as anti-pope Felix V who was, however, unable to receive widespread acceptance. In a remarkably short time he became a priest, then Archdeacon of Bologna, then Bishop of Cervia, then onto the bigger job of Bishop of Vicenza, and, at age 23, recieved the title of Cardinal Deacon. Beforehand, to secure to the cardinals a greater share of power than they had enjoyed under Pius II, a capitulation was subscribed by all except Ludovico Trevisan.

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Facts articles- person Articles with authority control information.

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Pope Paul II

Given to the most sumptuous ecclesiastical drag, he was lampooned by his enemies as 'Our Lady of Pity. He soon died--possibly poisoned--after declaring: Eager to raise new cardinals to increase the number who were devoted to his interests, but restricted by the terms of the capitulation, which gave the College a voice in the creation of new members, in the winter of —65 Paul created two secret cardinals both of whom died before their names could be published. Venice as Gabriel Condulmaro. Bartolomeo Platinawho was one of these, wrote a threatening letter to the Pope, and was imprisoned but later discharged.

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The appalled cardinals talked him out of it, and Barbo took the less pretentious name of Paul II. Please keep in mind that this is our online home; ill-mannered house guests will be shown the door. Innocent VII Amadeus Knight of the Forum. Science Evolution Separation of church and state Relations Politics. In the Papal Stateshowever, in he eliminated the regime of the counts of Anguillaraa house that had played a consistent anti-papal role since the plot of Stefano Porcari and the unruly insurrection of Tiburzio di Maso in Is there a question, or an argument or a point to be made that will somehow bring us all closer to one another and to God?

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